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Yoga with Props!

Floor practice with props such as Blocks, Straps and


What is the HD Difference?

  • An athletic style of Yoga that combines strengthening and stretching 

  • Modifications available to make moves more accessible or more challenging as you grow in your practice

  • We like to incorporate props in practice for some fun, unique flows

  • Small class sizes for more personalized attention to form and safety

Ward wheel side angle.jpg

Why use a Yoga Wheel?

  • Incorporating a Yoga Wheel into your practice will help make some movements more accessible and fliuid

  • Challenge and improve your balancing strength by targeting the sometimes difficult to activate stabilizer muscles with fun, balancing poses

  • Body strengthening exercises such as wheel planks, core crunches and lunge sliders

  • Full body lengthening including supported, safer backbends .

4Y2A7189 (1).jpg
Yoga Wheel
Amy bolster.jpg

Restorative Yoga

  • Tension releasing poses held for longer periods of time

  • Props such as Bolsters, Blocks and straps are used to help ease into deeper flexibility and relaxation

  • Quiet the mind with soft music and time to focus on breath work and meditation

Restortive Yoga
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