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HD Fitness will introduce you to a modern style of prop-based yoga. We use props such as the Yoga Trapeze, Yoga Wheel, Massage Balls, blocks and straps to help all yoga experience levels advance their practice. Whether you already attend yoga classes on a regular basis or are interested in discovering the benefits of yoga, you can expect to experience a new, fun and challenging workout at HD. Our athletic yoga and fitness classes deliver a high intensity, yet low impact workout that is safe for sensitive joints and ligaments. We do not use any heavy weights, instead we use our own body weight, suspension, and isometric holds to build functional strength. Our restorative classes are slower paced and provide movement therapy for those looking for a recovery day activity or those just looking for a way to relieve body tension or stress. These classes help to relieve pain and improve mobility with myofascial release and deep, supported stretching.

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