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Try a Myofascial Massage!

July 13th 6:45pm - 75 minute Workshop

What is a Myofascial Massage?

  • Using YOGABODY® "Hurt so Good" Massage balls, we massage out your entire body by rolling through and applying targeted pressure on release points. 

  • Our Certified Massage therapist guides the class through a series of deep stretching and massaging to relieve tension in your muscles and myofascial tissues. 

  • Breathing exercised incorporated in the class help to reduce and manage stress

Why take a Myofascial Massage class? 

  • This class is a great way to relieve body aches and pains caused by tension deep within your fascia connective tissue

  • Improve your fitness recovery time so that you can continue to train harder with reduced risk of injuries

  • Reduce overall mind and body stress by taking a Gravity Massage class at least once a week. 



Emily completed her 750hr Massage Therapy Certification at North Eastern Institute of Whole Health and is actively licensed in NH. She also has a certificate in Grigorian Method® and will be an apprentice teacher next summer. GM® offers joint therapy for increased flexibility, stability, range of motion, and pain relief. Emily is passionate about relieving all kinds of stress - physical, mental, emotional, environmental- because it is the most common trigger to set off dis-ease. She is continuously amazed by the body’s ability to heal itself, given the right tools and mindset. She will share her knowledge of anatomy, along with her interests in breath work and holistic wellness in Gravity Massage classes.

For more personal massage and range of motion body work, visit Emily at her Massage studio, Simply Bliss Wellness in Pease!

Meet the Instructor



An integrated approach to connecting the mind & body to target the root of the problem. Exploring emotional response patterning that has created your current pain, tension or discomfort - Paired with hands on bodywork to facilitate the lasting release you need.

Massage Therapy & Grigorian Method® (a specialized range of motion therapy for joint mobility and posture correction) located in Portsmouth NH.

Find your bliss in this toxic free environment with therapeutic grade essential oils. Therapeutic massage including deep tissue and neuromuscular trigger point therapy. All massage therapy can be performed with any level of clothing, based on client comfort.

Specialized range of motion therapy that takes the body through a series of passive movements and stretches that are specifically designed to cleanse and lubricate the joints. This prepares the joints for deeper stretches, retraining the body where it is safe to move freely.

Highly effective for:
•Improving posture & flexibility
•Joint health & fluidity
•Post injury & preventative care
•Facilitating the release of stored toxins, emotions, and stress in the mind and body that have been keeping you stuck and stagnant.

Simply Bliss Wellness
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